Energize Your Summer Training

Intuitive Eating for Hungry Athletes

"Indulgent Nourishment" Class with Elyse

A recorded, 90-minute culinary-nutrition class to discover how to energize your training and break free from harmful diet dogmas.

If you're a runner or fitness enthusiast, obsessing over macros or the latest diet trend is detrimental to long-term goals. Our bodies demand nourishment to train at a higher level. Restrictive diets often backfire and lead to low energy, poor mood, disruptive sleep, increased sugar cravings, digestive distress, inflammation and injuries.

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This is a pre-recorded Culinary-Nutrition Class, available to watch instantly on any device.


This is a virtual culinary-nutrition class, so you can cook alongside Elyse from your own kitchen. Your purchase gives you forever access to the recorded class and the printable resources.

Gain nutrition knowledge and culinary confidence to fuel your best training season yet!
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90-minute recorded culinary-nutrition class

+ Elyse’s Time-Saving Summer Recipe List (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)

+ Printable Recipe Packet (new recipes!)

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Purchase the above for $30 - less than the cost of one takeout meal.
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Cook alongside Elyse while she shares nutrition wisdom for hangry athletes!

Discover Elyse's simple guidelines for a lifetime of healthy eating. 

Follow Elyse's “4 F’s” at every meal to energize your day, improve digestion and put an end to sugar and snack cravings.

Learn how to build balanced and satiating meals without counting macros.  

Discover which healthy fats are the best to include at every meal and snack.

Embrace “indulgent nourishment” to improve your relationship with food.

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What’s a Culinary-Nutrition Class?

It’s a 90-minute class where you’ll cook alongside Elyse while discovering a better way to fuel your training. By the end of the class, you’ll have a stocked fridge and new nutrition knowledge.

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Before you think about increasing your mileage or training load, you need to think about your nutrition game-plan.

This does not mean counting calories or macros or buying more supplements and energy bars. Dieting isn't sustainable and often leads to weight gain in the long-term. Eating (and cooking!) should be enjoyed without the stress (but unfortunately diet culture has really messed with our minds and bodies!).

Learn how to fill up on the right foods to match your training load. Stop stressing about what to eat and embrace Elyse’s simple guidelines for a lifetime of happy eating.

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